How to make your website Readable.

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An important aspect of font selection while designing a website, for one reason or another, I didn’t take in consideration is the readability of the “fonts”: “now” that you have the possibility to choose the font you want for your website, you have to be careful not to base the choice only on the aesthetic ( excited for the new CSS3), since the ability to set a certain font doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right choice, simply because some fonts are more readable than others [...]

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Making A Responsive Website With CSS.

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Responsive web design is a hot topic because more people are using devices such as iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerrys and their desktops to access the internet. So its becoming increasingly important to understand that a website should not be specifically about either the desktop or the mobile device, but about building in such a way that its layout adapts to varying viewport sizes. An adaptive layout that can automatically respond to the users preference. We want the same benefits from mobile device, a website or a desktop. Websites should have been built in such a fashion that they scale down to fit any viewport size. With the help of media queries we can completely customise the layout of our website dependent on screen size. We should build a site that can scale gracefully!

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